Starch Processing Enzymes

Starch Processing is a process for recovery of Starch from plant sources which contains starch. For e.g. Corn, Potatoes, Wheat, Cassava, Rice and Sorghum. In this process, wet milling of grain followed by slurry formation takes place. This starch rich slurry is spread dried to recover starch as powder. Mostly in Starch processing mills, this starch slurry is liquefied and saccharified to obtain different products like Maltodextrins, High purity Maltose, Liquid Glucose and Dextrose powder.

Alpha Amylase for Liquefaction

High Temperature Alpha Amylase for converting Starch into Dextrin.


Beta Amylase

Beta Amylase for the production of Maltose Syrup.


Gluco Amylase for Saccharification

Gluco Amylase for converting Dextrin into Glucose.



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