Sugar Processing Enzymes

Biotechnology has contributed in increasing the Sugar processing efficiency and energy saving by virtue of hydrolytic Enzymes such as Dextranase and Amylase.

Hydrolytic enzymes are used as aids to sugar production and refining by removing materials which inhibit crystallization or cause high viscosity. In some parts of the world, sugar cane contains significant amounts of starch, which becomes viscous, thus slowing filtration processes and making the solution hazy when the sucrose is dissolved. This problem can be overcome by using the most thermostable Alpha Amylase Enzyme which is entirely compatible with the high temperatures and pH values that prevail during the initial vacuum evaporation stage of sugar production.

Other persistent problem involves dextran. A dextran is produced by the action of dextransucrase from Leuconostocmesenteroides on sucrose and found as a slime on damaged cane and beet tissue, especially when processing has been delayed in hot and humid climates. Dextran has the sucrose molecule as part of its structure and thus inhibit sucrose crystal growth.

This produces needle-like crystals which are not readily harvested by equipment designed for the approximately cubic crystals otherwise obtained. Dextran can produce extreme viscosity in process streams and even bring plant to a stop. Dextran problems are solved by the use of Dextranase Enzyme.

Alpha Amylase Enzyme for Hydrolyzing Starch

Alpha Amylase Enzyme to hydrolyze Starch to increase Sugar Recovery and improve overall performance.


Dextranase Enzyme for Hydrolysing Dextran

Dextranase Enzyme to hydrolyze Dextran to increase Sugar Recovery and improve overall performance.


Enzymes Based Biocide

Enzymes based Biocide for Mill Sanitation.



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