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At Infinita Biotech, we develop Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting products to better maintain one’s personal hygiene, facility and protect environment from infectious disease.

Cleaning is done with water, a cleaning product, and scrubbing. Standard Cleaning does not kill bacteria, viruses, or fungi, which are generally referred to as “germs.” Cleaning products are meant to remove germs, dirt, and other organic material by washing them down the drain. Our Sanitizing and Disinfecting products are chemicals and bio-chemicals which are organic, safe to handle and help kill germs.

Infectious diseases are caused by germs (also called microbes or microorganisms) that get into our bodies and reproduce, causing symptoms that make us feel sick. They can spread from one person (or animal) to another when germs leave one body and get into another. Sometimes infectious diseases are also called communicable or contagious diseases. There are different kinds of germs. Viruses are the most common cause of illness. They are very small. Viruses can’t live on surfaces for very long. The common cold is a group of symptoms caused by 200 different viruses. Viruses also cause intestinal and respiratory flu. Antibiotics kill bacteria but cannot kill viruses.

Bacteria often attach to surfaces, especially moist ones, and form dense mats called biofilm. Bacteria in biofilms are much harder to kill. Thus, keeping surfaces clean and dry by application of disinfectants prevents biofilms from developing. The surfaces are home to new germs as soon as it is touched by hands or sneezed or coughed on. Bacteria can grow and divide very fast. Fungi, including yeasts and molds, are everywhere. They can survive on surfaces for long periods. Thus, the function of disinfectants and sanitizers is most valuable in present scenario. Current concerns focus on airborne infectious diseases, which remain at unacceptably high levels, on viral agents which are not treatable by antibiotics, e.g. SARS, Flu, COVID - 19 and their potential for rapid global spread.

Complacency about hygiene has led to a lack of understanding of the basic difference between “dirt” and “germs”, between “cleanliness” and “hygiene”, and between “cleaning” and “disinfection”.

Enzymes based Hand Sanitiser

Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer for complete protection of Hands.

Enzymes based Hand Sanitiser

Enzymes based Disinfectant

Non – Toxic and Non – Hazardous Cleaning Solution which is anti-microbial and anti-viral in nature.

Enzymes based Disinfectant



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