Soil Enzymes

Enzymes are the vital activators in life processes, likewise in the soil they are known to play a substantial role in maintaining soil health and its environment. A unique balance of chemical, physical, and biological (including microbial especially enzyme activities) components contribute to maintaining soil health. Healthy soils are essential for the integrity of terrestrial ecosystems to remain intact or to recover from disturbances, such as drought, climate change, pest infestation, pollution, and human exploitation.

As soil is the part of the terrestrial environment and supports all terrestrial life forms, protection of soil is therefore of high priority and a thorough application of 
soil enzymes is a critical factor in assuring that soil remains healthy.

Soil enzymes are a group of enzymes whose usual ianhabitants are the soil and are continuously playing an important role in maintaining soil ecology, physical and chemical properties, fertility, and soil health.

These enzymes play key biochemical functions in the overall process of organic matter decomposition in the soil system. All soils contain a group of enzymes that determine soil metabolic processes which, in turn, depend on its physical, chemical, microbiological, and biochemical properties.

These enzymes classes include such as oxidoreductases, hydrolyases and transferases to revive arid and unfertile soil.


Specialized Enzymes based Formulation for turning Organic Waste into Nutrient Rich Compost.


Plant Growth Development

Enzymes based Formulation for better Plant Growth Development and Promotion.


Soil Enzymes

Specialized Enzymes based Formulation for rejuvenating the Soil and making it fertile for Plant Growth.


Organic Larvacide

Completely environmental friendly and organic Larvacide made out of blend of different Enzymes.



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