Pharmaceuticals Enzymes

Pharmaceuticals Enzymes

Pharmaceutical Enzymes are protein - biological catalysts that speed up chemical reactions in living organisms. These can be used as drugs, which have two important features that distinguish them from all the other types of chemical drugs. First, they bind and act on their targets with great affinity and specificity. And second, they are catalytic in nature converting multiple target molecules to the desired products. These two features make Pharmaceutical Enzymes specific and potent drugs that can accomplish therapeutic biochemistry in the body that small molecules cannot.

Amylase, Diastase and Pepsin

This can be ssed as digestive aids.

Pharmaceutical Enzymes

Beta Glucanase

It facilitates the digestion of vegetable fibres.

Beta Glucanase


It reduces swelling and pain.

Enzymes In Medicine


This Proteolytic Enzyme can be used as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Papain Enzymes


This is useful for treating lactose intolerance.

Lactase Enzyme


It removes blood clots in the system.

serratiopeptidase enzyme


It can be used as a blood thinner.

Nattokinase Enzyme


It acts as an anti-microbial agent.

Lysozyme Enzyme



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