Animal Feed Enzymes

Animal Feed Enzymes

Selected group of enzymes are in demand due to their ability to improve animal performance and reduce nutritional variation in raw materials. Specifically, protease enzymes have the potential to improve protein digestibility.

Proteases break down complex proteins into shorter proteins, called peptides, and amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. They are also capable of taking apart proteins that bind starch within feed ingredients, thus making more of the energy found in starch available to the animal.

Phytase Enzyme

It catalyses the hydrolysis of indigestible phytic acid into organic form of phosphorus

Animal Feed Enzymes

Cellulase Enzymes

It is a complex of enzyme mixture which contains endo, exo and beta activities. It helps in easy digestion of cellulosic fibres in the feed.

Cellulase Enzymes

Hemicellulase enzyme

It improves nutritional value of feed by breaking non-starch polysaccharides, mainly xylase, present in the feed.

Hemicellulase enzyme

Protease enzymes

It helps to digest proteins in the feed.

Protease enzyme



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